Qmunity – BC’s Queer Resource Centre
Tel: 604-684-5307

QMUNITY improves queer and trans lives through services, connection and leadership. We offer: information and referrals; diversity training and consulting services; all ages events and drop-in programming; counselling and social support groups; volunteer and practicum opportunities;  community meeting space.

Also home to the Bute Street Clinic (run by BCCDC), which offers free and anonymous STI/HIV testing for the LGBTQQS community; Staffed opening hours 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday, after hours bookings upon request.


QMUNITY’S free counselling program is offered by Masters level counselling placement students. Counselling clients are eligible to receive up to 10 weekly sessions. Counselling is focused on health, wellness, community building, reducing isolation, and minimizing the impact of problematic thoughts.

QMUNITY’s new low-cost counselling program is offered by professional counsellors who have completed their counselling placements at QMUNITY and are now registered professionals. Counselling clients self-select to pay at rates of: $60 Accessible - $70 Standard - $80 Generous

For more information is a crowd-sourced LGBTQ+ dictionary. It has personal and nuanced definitions of queer terminology. Anyone can submit a definition to share their view, so a variety of perspectives are represented. So far it has over 500 definitions and it's gotten over 4,500 visitors!

Rainbow Refugee Vancouver
Founded in 2000, Rainbow Refugee Committee (RRC) is a Vancouver based community group that supports people seeking refugee protection because of persecution based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or HIV status. Rainbow Refugee Committee engages in outreach and public education on QLGBT/HIV+ refugee issues. RRC is member driven and all volunteer.

Davie Village Post Community Page
The Davie Village Post Community listings page is your way tofind important and fun information. Webpage here