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Sophia Kelly Bio - What's ON! Queer BC

has been  the out and proud editor of Lesbian Quarterly magazine since 2006, and an out and proud lesbian since 1990. Her writing has been published in anthologies, magazines and web zines. She runs Tailored Tech Web, Data and Project Consulting in Vancouver. She is currently working on a novel about time travelling lesbians and goats.

Tom Coleman Bio - What's ON! Queer BC

Man about town scurrying into every bar, restaurant, nook and cranny looking for all the details to post the events you want to see. Drop me a line if you want your GLBT themed event, meeting, social, gathering, play party, circle jerk, listed online or even if you are one short for your orgy. I always aim to please.....unless its your eye...ouch!!! tomsnewlistings@outlook.com


has a BA in Political Science and a deep interest in plants, the environment, activism and photography. She writes content for various magazines and blogs including What’s On Queer, Goodwin Creative Limited, and Gifts for Card Players. You can find Yvonne on instagram where she posts images of her garden as well as her journal pages and paintings. And recently, you can view her beautiful photography on @yhansonphotography . Follow Yvonne’s political Twitter @madlygreen


is a trans and queer writer from Vancouver, BC. They write poetry, fiction and non-fiction and have competed nationally and toured internationally for spoken word poetry. They focus on writing about queer identities and queer love, mental health, and stigma. They have been published in various literary magazines including but not limited to Sea to Sky Review, Pearls, and Oratorealis.


Guest Writers


Described as “The Best of Louise Hay and Ellen DeGeneres”, she is a passionate knowledgeable renowned LGBT coach and speaker, who delivers unique, powerful, heartfelt 121 coaching and corporate training worldwide, creating breakthroughs every day for the LGBT community, on a global scale. Find her at www.ginabattye.com and chat with her on Facebook and Instagram.

Rainbow Bio - What's ON! Queer BC

is a fashion enthusiast with an overwhelming affinity to binge watch sitcoms. Raised in New York, you will regularly find her unsuccessfully trying out the latest outfits at fashion stores in Europe, or partaking in humanitarian endeavors in Africa.