How do I submit my event to your calendar?  Use this button

What kind of events can be listed?

All kinds of events can be listed, as long as they are LGBTQ+ friendly events or feature members of the LGBTQ+ community. Cooking classes, geocaching, workshops, performances, fundraisers, annual “signature” events, auditions, trivia nights, beer tastings, outdoor adventures, family-friendly events, live music and much more are all the kind of events that can be posted. Take a look at our submission guidelines.

Who can upload events?

Anyone — individuals, organizations or businesses — with events that are LGBTQ+ friendly or feature members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Can I upload events even if I’m not an official rep of a business or organization?

Sure. It’s a community calendar, and it may take a while before all the businesses and orgs are aware of and actively posting their events, so, yes, please do! (And let the org know about the calendar so that they can get more of their events posted.)

How do I add an event?

There are five ways to add an event:

  1. Add your events, one by one; just find the “Submit Events” button on our site, and take it from there.

  2. Send us a feed that uploads to our site (Google or ICS).

  3. Ask us to post your events, including a description, image, all relevant content and categories and tags. Listings are free.

  4. Saving the best for last: Get your own calendar! We can then subscribe to your feed and your events will always show up on our site.

Do you add events for us?

There was a time when we could feed your event from FaceBook. On April 4, Facebook changed their API causing the feeds to stop working. 

Best advice is that you come directly to our calendar page and put in your information. Be sure the information is correct, the image is what you want, and the event is posted in a timely fashion.

If you’re using the calendar for your own organization or business, we can pull the calendar feed in automatically. Send us an email with a link to your calendar.

STEP ONE CHECK THE CALENDAR! Make sure we don't already have your event on the page before submitting. You can use the calendar function top left of the calendar display to choose your event's date and see if your event is listed.

What if I need help getting my announcements posted?

Send us an email! We're happy to help.

What makes for a good event posting?

A short headline (three to five words), an upbeat and interesting announcement, good category selection, a town selection and a great image! The first 30 or so words are what will be visible with just a hover, so write your event announcements to draw people in from the start! You can add links, photos, video and more to your event announcements. And if you’re comfortable with hasthtags, post your event hashtags, too!

Do the links and photos on our website come through with a copy and paste?

No! But include URLs in your text anyway. Do be attentive that if you’re copying and pasting text that says, for example, click here, that the URL will not come through. But if you write, for example, click, it’s easier for the viewer to see and sometimes in our event approval process we’ll go ahead and make the links live.

Why should we use for our own (organization, business, club) calendar?

We recommend using, hands down. For $9/month, you can create your own calendar on your own site and manage your own events, make changes that will sync to our calendar, categorize different types of event, integrate the calendar with ease onto your website or blog and much more. will give you great calendar and events management, it will save you time and your customers/staff/the public will appreciate the ability to add interesting events to their own digitial calendars and to subscribe to your calendar.

Does it cost anything to submit an event?

Event postings are free.

How do you make money on a site with free listings?

We don't! Right now, our calendar is a free service for the community. We do offer advertising space, and there are other ways we can feature your organization or event. We do welcome advertisers and sponsors - please send us an email if you’re interested in viewing a rate sheet or discussing how to give your event the profile it deserves!

Do you offer other services for event promotion?

The calendar is published by Goodwin Studios. We offer graphic design, desktop publishing and website production. Any of these can help you promote your calendar. You can find out more on our website at