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Submission Guidelines

  • All events must take place in Greater Vancouver or the Lower Mainland including the Fraser Valley and Sea to Sky. We do accept some submissions outside these boundaries if they are relevant to persons living within these boundaries - Pride Celebrations and Outdoor Adventure Weekends for example.
  • All events must have LGBTQ+ relevance. Inclusive, friendly, feature LGBTQ+ community members, or appeal to the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Event entries should include a photo or graphic. If you have a poster, upload that! We'll find it and feature it on our poster wall.
  • Event descriptions must be —
    • 30 words or longer,
    • written in normal upper and lower case, or what is called sentence case,
    • written as an event announcement (please, don’t copy and paste a press release),
    • written as an event (vs an ad)  and
    • free of grammatical and spelling errors please.
  • We reserve the right to edit or reject any event for any reason. Events need to be approved so you won't see it immediately. We approve quickly however.

What makes an event an event? is a community events calendar with events provided by orgs, people and businesses. People define events differently, so for the sake of this calendar and a good guideline for posting events, here is our definition:

An event appropriate to post on this calendar —

  1. begins and ends,
  2. is held at a physical place,
  3. is relevant to the LGBTQ+ community, and
  4. occurs within the geographic boundaries outlined at the top of this page.

An event typically requires some degree of planning and promotion. Particularly for restaurants and stores, be attentive here as a happy hour or dinner special is not an event, whereas a happy hour with live music is, and a special dinner event that happens only once a year, for example is.

What kind of events can be posted?

The list below is not exhaustive but it provides a good start for the types of events to post on

Music & Nightlife (19+) - LGBTQ+ specific

Concerts, DJs, Bands, and special entertainment in the BC Lower Mainland LGBTQ+ Community. If it's licensed entertainment, you'll find it here. For other performing arts, see our Arts & Culture category.

Bar & Club Events (trivia night, karaoke, comedy, special events, live music etc)

Beer and Brewery Events / Wine Events (tastings, pairings, special events, yappy hours)

Other 19+ Events Dances, Pub-based Performances (drag, etc), Fundraisers involving alcohol

Arts & Culture - LGBTQ+ specific

Theatre, choir, visual arts, literary arts, dance, art shows and musical performances in the BC Lower Mainland LGBTQ+ Community. For DJs, bands and other nightlife events, see Music & Nightlife category.

Visual Arts (art gallery openings, classes, art shows)

Books & Reading (author readings, book clubs, literacy training, ESL)

Theatre & Dance & Music (auditions, performances, openings, book launches, etc)

Music (live music, choral groups, special concerts - open to all ages)

Classes & Workshops (free and pay-to-attend events)

Community - LGBTQ+ specific

Community events, talks, political rallies, AGMs, health and wellness, education, environmental issues, debates, and Senior events happening in the BC Lower Mainland LGBTQ+ Queer Community

Benefits & Fundraisers (must be an event people, not an online fundraiser such as a Kickstarter campaign)

Political Events (rallies, marches, protests, presentations etc)

Sports & Recreation- LGBTQ+ specific

Sports sports sports events and activities happening in the BC Lower Mainland LGBTQ+ Queer Community. You'll also find games, sports viewing events, hobbies and pastimes in this category. How do we recreate?

Sports (clubs, teams, events, orgs, groups)

Fitness & Outdoor (clubs, teams, events, orgs, groups, races, walks, runs)

Events (outdoor adventure events, camping)

Games (board games, computer games, gatherings, clubs)


Crafts & DIY (knitting groups, demos, maker faires)

Youth & Family - LGBTQ+ specific

Family friendly and kid friendly events for families in the LGBTQ+ Community. As well, this category features events specifically designed for youth aged 14-25

Babes on Babes - LGBTQ+ specific

Women, femme, female-centric, female-identifying, lesbian, dyke. Some women are comfortable only at events where there is likely to be a predominance of other women. Because of this we have added a Babes on Babes category to help these women find this kind of event. We do not, in any way, guarantee the compostion of a crowd at any event. We are not the organizers of these events. All we can do is make an assumption and help guide our viewers. In Greater Vancouver, all events are broadly inclusive to some degree. If you need more information it is best if you visit the event page by clicking through our link, or contact event organizers for more detail.

Note to Kinksters

We welcome kink-related event postings as long as they are in line with the LGBTQ+ requirements and happening within our geographic boundaries. However, as this is a community calendar that includes family and youth events, we do ask that you take care with your photo choice and the wording of your top paragraph, thank you.