You and your team spend so much time, thoughtfulness and consideration to make your event the best possible for your guests. And we have a great place for showcasing your good work and great events. Here are some tips when you’re posting events on

Please do —

  • Write a friendly, welcoming, descriptive introduction. Pay special attention to the first 30-35 words as this is what shows up on the site  homepage and is visible to all. And remember that the person seeing your event is not on your website and may not know your organization well. Help them get to know you.
  • Add a photo or graphic. If you have a PNG or JPG flier for your event, you can upload that. (Low-res files, please, as high-res files are sometimes booted out of our system and cause your event not to be loaded.)
  • Use upper and lower case for your event titles. Do not use ALL CAPS.
  • Select a TOWN in the categories section that tells where your event will be held vs for whom the event is held, i.e. you should only pick one TOWN for an event.
  • Make sure your event is an event, especially for restaurants and bars. “Stop on by and buy (or eat) stuff” is not an event. “Come sample xyz from this time to that time on abc date” is.  
  • And follow the form. Fill in all the event information fields and only put what’s requested in each field.

Please don’t —

  • Include the venue in the headline. (The calendar tool, Timely, does this automatically.)
  • Use words such as “tomorrow,” “Friday” or “this afternoon” in your headlines. The calendar will do its job.
  • Add caps, stars, emoticons or other characters to your headline.

Submission Guidelines

  • All events must take place in Greater Vancouver or the Lower Mainland including the Fraser Valley and Sea to Sky. We do accept some submissions outside these boundaries if they are relevant to persons living within these boundaries - Pride Celebrations and Outdoor Adventure Weekends for example.

  • All events must have LGBTQ+ relevance. Inclusive, friendly, feature LGBTQ+ community members, or appeal to the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Event entries must include a photo or graphic.
  • Event descriptions must be —
    • 30 words or longer,
    • written in normal upper and lower case, or what is called sentence case,
    • written as an event announcement (please, don’t copy and paste a press release),
    • written as an event (vs an ad)  and
    • free of grammatical and spelling errors.
  • We reserve the right to edit or reject any event for any reason.

And the best tip of all: Get your own Timely calendar. It’ll be your calendar on your website or blog, and you’ll have the beauty of the layout, photos, categories and more. It’ll reduce your workload as our calendar (and others) can easily pull specific events from your site.