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OK so there is a whole lot of stuff out there and I don't know about you, but I'm starting to be fabulously overwhelmed by all the possibilities! For this week's 'Monday Monday' which, as you can see, is actually being published on Wednesday,  I thought I would focus on Pride Guides and pride weekend information of a more technical nature.


The Ultimate Vancouver Pride Guide is published by Vancouver Pride Society. To view the PDF version, click here. For a list of places where you can pick up the guide, visit Vancouver Pride Society's web page for more info here -->

The Georgia Straight's Guide to Pride - view on the Georgia Straight here -->

Gay Vancouver's Pride Guide - clubs clubs and more clubs ... view it here -->



Getting to Pride. If you aren't staying downtown somewhere, be warned it will be extremely difficult to drive and park to view the parade. There are road closures and limited transit starting at 7:00 am. So get up early! Road closures and transit re-routes will be in place until about 4:00pm.  View road closures on here --> or check the City’s VanConnect app for more info. Or here's an idea - why not park over around Grandville Island and take the ferry to Sunset Beach?

Accessibility. Pride is for everyone and the Vancouver Pride Society, in conjunction with YVR, have put together two pages of Accessibility information. Parade Viewing Accessibility click here. Pride Accessibility click here.

5 Gentle suggestions. We've been to a few Pride Parades in our day and we have some reminders. 1) It can be extremely sunny and hot. Bring water, a hat, and sunscreen. 2) It will be extremely crowded. There's no opportunity to saunter along the city streets. You'll be in a massive crowd of people. If that's not your thing, be sure to come early and stake out a spot on the sidewalk with chairs. Preferably with easy access to bathrooms! 3) Strollers and buggies do not do well in the crowds. We recommend baby wrapping, backpacks and umbrella strollers. Seriously - this crowd will be dense. 4) Shopping and eating will be easier than you think. The crowds are not in the shops, they're on the street. 5) The parade is long.

And of course, the events


So many amazing events this year. The big button below will take you where you need to go for all the information about times dates and tickets. But we'd like to give a special nod to -

The Vancouver Art and Leisure's Alternative Pride is in its 3rd year, but this year it's bigger than ever with 10 locations, 15 events, and over 100 artists. These events are selling out so get your tickets asap. Find them on Leisure Events click here -->

The Eastside Studios Warehouse Pride Week - With the loss of so many venues in 2017-2018, a new destination was needed and :ManUp: organizers did not disappoint! This year the Eastside Studio Warehouse presents "Eastside Studios presents a week of collaborations with some of the most lovely and talented queer artists, curators, and presenters our city has to offer."


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