6 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for couples who aren’t really into all that anyway

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


by Yvonne Hanson  

Valentine’s day seems to have different connotations for everyone. Some couples like to make a big deal out of it, using it as an opportunity to celebrate the success of their relationship, while others prefer to let the day pass relatively unmarked. If you don’t like to make a big deal out of Valentine’s day, but still want to let your partner know that you’re thinking about them, then this is the gift-idea list for you.


Forgo cut flowers- buy a potted plant instead.

Cut flowers are lovely, but their lifespan-to-cost ratio is a little unbalanced. Instead of spending $25 on something that will be dry and dead in a few weeks, spend $12 on a nice little potted houseplant that can be kept alive on a windowsill indefinitely with a little love and care. Dieffenbachia, dracaena, and schefflera are all easy, low maintenance houseplants that make great gifts and will thrive in almost any windowsill, regardless of light exposure.



Hot Chocolate: a hug from the inside out

Grab a can of hot chocolate powder and some toppings of choice (whipped cream, marshmallows, etc.) and treat your partner to a little stay-at-home hot chocolate date. This is the perfect way to mark the occasion without going out of the way or over the top. Spice it up a little by picking up a bottle of Irish cream, Kahlua, or Chocolate Schnapps that can be mixed into the hot chocolate for added celebration.



A Classic Bubble Bath Experience

If you have a bathtub and a partner who likes to use it, a classic candle-with-bubble-bath combo may go a long way. Its likely they haven’t had a bubble bath in a while, because who buys bubble bath for themselves? Throw in some tealights and atmospheric music and you’ve got a perfect night of relaxation that doesn't highlight or overburden your romantic relationship.



Cheese, Wine, and Netflix

Personally, this describes my ideal evening. Pick up a flight of cheeses from the deli section of your local Safeway, grab a bottle of wine (rosé, if you’re feeling festive), and cuddle up in front of the TV for a low-key movie night. It may not be much different from your average Friday night at home, and if you’re not a fan of Valentine’s day, that’s probably just perfect.



Breakfast (or Dinner) in Bed

This could be as simple as a few slices of toast on a plate in the morning or a box of tasty takeout from your go-to eatery. Something about eating food in bed, on a tray, courtesy of your partner is just….the best.



Unexpected Company

If your partner is taking transit home from work on Valentines day, they might really appreciate some unexpected company from the human they love. Turn up at the end of the day just as their shift is ending and offer to accompany them on their commute home. Its a simple gesture, but if they have had a long hard day at work, it could be just the thing to put a smile on their face without being over-the-top romantic.

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